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Packages that use HasCreateDTSUriResolver
com.ihr.xbrl.manage Provides the classes necessary to start processing XBRL information. 

Uses of HasCreateDTSUriResolver in com.ihr.xbrl.manage

Classes in com.ihr.xbrl.manage that implement HasCreateDTSUriResolver
 class DatabaseURIResolverFactory
          This class is a factory for DatabaseURIResolvers.

Uses of HasCreateDTSUriResolver in

Classes in that implement HasCreateDTSUriResolver
 class GUIURIResolverFactory
          This is the factory class to create an URI resolver that will tell the user that a file has not been found in the file system and allows him to select a local file instead.
 class MultiDTSUriResolverFactory
          This class can be used when multiple URI Resolvers shall be created and registered one after another.
 class RSRemoteCatalogResolverFactory
          Factory class to create an instance of the RSRemoteCatalogResolver and register with the DTS

Methods in with parameters of type HasCreateDTSUriResolver
 void DTSContainer.doCallInstallDTSURIResolver(HasCreateDTSUriResolver instanceClass)
          Executes a call to the method createAndRegisterDTSUriResolver on the class passed in as a parameter.