xHTML documents born as new capability for WEB 3.0, with the purpose for linking data to web pages identifying information with XML labels.

Since 2006 the development with these features has been scarce, but the financial reporting usage in combination with contextual information together accounting data is the solution to the document reading and the automation processing for the contained information in a web page.

Without basic principles to format the information, the XML is few usable. For this sorting is necessary an ontology, and specifically to use a taxonomy for identifying the meaning for each data.

iXBRL (inline extensible business reporting language) is the result for financial reporting. In 2018 starts the implementation for regulators with reporting reading for human understanding and computing processing. The XBRL labels insertion in xHTML documents allows both necessities.

Regulators can continue the usage their taxonomies, but the documents must be editable with applications whom allowing the XBRL labels insertion.

The XBRL label insertion in a HTML document doesn’t easy task,and  the  in the market with the current applications don’t cover specifically the taxonomy usage with validation for structure, format and data. This functionality is very complicate without technical knowledge.

Only the software with this ability for combining text and XBRL labels can solve the new regulation requirements such ESEF.

Reporting Estándar has created Papirix like a tool to fulfil iXBRL documents, with adaption for each taxonomy in a web environment whereas in collaboration to edit for a number of users.