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TeamTax is a tool that allows you two things: Collaborative development of XBRL Taxonomies and sharing the know-how about how the industry should use the taxonomy.

This is provided by integrating two things in a single product:

  • A web viewer of the taxonomy content.
  • Bugzilla, as a tool to store comments related to every particular taxonomy concept.

Most specifically, the list of features of this tool are:

  • Review the content of each concept definition. The user will have access to the properties defined in the DTS
  • Comments can be stored at concept level in the DTS
  • The system send automatically emails to the taxonomy owners or interested people in reviewing each taxonomy concept
  • The system maintains all comments in a database
  • It is possible to build reports based on the comments received, individually and globally.
  • Teams developing new releases of the taxonomy would incorporate the changes based on this comments
  • Taxonomy users can see documentation about how to use each particular concept

Access to TeamTax (Spanish versión)