We started the year by publishing a new version of the Standard Reporting tools, incorporating exciting new features provided with the aim of improving the user experience.

Both 32 and 64 bit windows environments

In order to allow the user to make more efficient use of the resources, we release two specific versions for machines working in Windows 32-bit or 64-bit environments.

Convert your XBRL reports into Excel

The ability to export a report to Excel XBRL has been present in the RS tools from earlier versions, however this feature was limited to the ability to export the current view of the user’s work, which meant extra work when composing a full report. From this version all this extra work disappears, allowing the user to select the views to export from the report to the Excel file, including of course, the possibility of exporting the full report at once.

Additionally the user can individually customize each view, giving control over the final appearance of the exported report.

Create Excel reports from XBRL,  now easier than ever

It has significantly improved the process of creating mapping templates in Excel. So far the mapping procedure needed user intervention to determine how the link between the Excel cells and concepts of XBRL report was made. With this new version  these bindings are performed automatically, freeing the user from a task that in some cases can be tedious, besides avoiding errors attributable to the human factor.

Help and tips

The new version comes with new help and advice system by using pop-up messages. The message system can be activated or deactivated at the user’s convenience.

..and more

  • New feature for color customization in dimensions view mode.
  • Remote Catalog is improved. Keep your local repository of taxonomies automatically updated or get new ones with one mouse click ( Internet connection required ).
  • Improved our hosting service, download our tools more quickly.