Reporting Standard – XBRL transformation engine

To visualize the content of a XBRL report, Reporting Standard enables two very simple ways:

  1. XBRL Viewer reports
  2. Using new XhBtRmL language, this way, can be generated simple templates that are responsible for generating HTML.

Another possible use for this language is the massive data load in XBRL. Demo is capable of generating HTML from templates written in the XhBtRmL.

Software development

XhBtRmL – XBRL report visualization customizing

Template could be specific for a particular Taxonomy or totally generic. Making templates is easier than making XSLT templates:

  • In a template you have access to all DTS information (labels, references). In addition, variables can be added through configuration files.
  • Templates are specifically designed to work with XBRL reports.
  • Loops can be made for the following data in reports:
    • Context dats or Context grouping dates.
    • Presentation and calculation linkbase trees (in addition to others analyzed to the linkbase).
    • Other trees stored in the taxonomy linkbase.
    • Domain dimensions members.
    • Taxonomy concepts.
    • Data filtered by previous loops.
  • Can use constructions type IF THEN ELSE
  • Can chain and call from other templates.
  • Can use XPath 2.0 functions and specific XBRL functions.