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What is the DTS Definition Language

The DTS Definition Language is a language to describe the process of creating an XBRL DTS (Set of Taxonomy and Linkbase files) from content in an Excel Workbook.

Once the DTSBuilder tool opens an Excel spreadsheet it looks for a sheet with the name indicated in the Instructions Sheet field. Three steps are started sequentially:

Phase 1: In this phase, the tool deletes all files that will be generated later on phase 3. This phase does not delete supporting files like proprietary schemas or documentation or any other folder that is not created by the tool. This phase also does not delete empty folders.

Phase 2: In this phase, all supporting schemas and taxonomies that are not generated by the tool like external taxonomies or supported schemas will be loaded in memory in order to prepare the taxonomy generation phase.

Phase 3: This is the DTS generation phase. All instructions starting on cell B4 of the indicated Instructions Sheet will be executed sequentially.

Most of the instructions require parameters. The parameters are indicated in the following cell to the cell where the instruction exists in this document. In the Excel examples, there are column headers indicating the parameter number. For example: A LOAD instruction requires an absolute or relative URL of the taxonomy to load, that information goes in Parameter 3. In Excel, you’ll see the following parts of cells:

This means that the LOAD instruction will use the relative URL ifrs/ifrs-gp-2006-08-15.xsd as the file to LOAD in the processor during Phase 2 of the DTS generation. Relative files in Excel are relative to the folder where the Excel file is stored on disk.

The language is based on instructions. Each instruction has different parameters. Some instructions may encapsulate other instructions.

Instructions set:

  • END
  • BOT
  • BOL
  • LOAD
  • ROLE
  • REF
  • EOL
  • EOT
  • NOP

The END instruction

The END instruction indicates the end of the taxonomy generation process. Normally this is the last instruction in the instructions sheet.

The end instruction finish Phase 3 of the DTS generation phase.

End has no parameters