Installation on UNIX (Linux, Solaris, AIX, Mac OS X)

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All versions

Installation on Unix consist of unpacking the content of the ZIP file into the destination folder.

You can start using the tools by using the provided shell scripts. If you need further configuration, visit the Setting environment variables page to know how to configure the XBRL API for specific purposes.

There are shell scripts that launches each one of Reporting Standard tools directly from the Java application launcher so, in case you need to change anything just edit the appropriate shell script and add whatever is needed on your system.

Normally this is, for example setting the JAVA_HOME environment variable or setting specific environment variables that controls the directories where the home of Reporting Standard tools are installed, or setting the environment variable that facilitates the Taxonomy Cache to obtain local copies of files that are distributed over the Internet.

Contact Reporting Standard S.L. support department in case you need further instructions.