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Explanation about this error

If you get this error the most common cause is that the XBRLlicense.lic file is not encoded in windows-1252 and it contains characters in a different encoding page such as UTF-8.

Note the XBRLlicense.lic file is generated by Reporting Standard S.L. and it is encoded using windows-1252. At the time the file is read it is forced "windows-1252" encoding in order to properly transform back all characters in that file to the right encoding.

If you have opened the XBRLlicense.lic file in a text editor or the file has been modified by an external application you most probably will obtain this error.

In order to avoid this error

  1. Make sure you consider the file as a binary file. Save it from the email to the desktop and install it from the desktop to the final location using the License Manager tool.
  2. Never open the file with a text editor.
  3. If you do so, NEVER press the "save" button on the text editor.
  4. Do not change any character in the license file or you'll get this error or another similar error.

If you need changes to the license files, send an email to support at reporting standard dot com.


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