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Reporting standard tools set is not just one installer, it is rather a set of installers that let our users to install a complete framework to work with XBRL taxonomies and reports.

Installer file names are created automatically from our development system and are updated according to well known rules. You can always obtain different versions of the software and different software components using the rules indicated here.

The file name to download

The installer file name is a concatenation of several parts using the underscore character _ as separator

  1. The prefix: All installers start with RS_XBRL as prefix.
  2. The package name: see below
  3. The version number: see below
  4. The architecture: see below
  5. The file extension: it is always .msi

Packages names

  • Setup: contains the basic library and software tools
  • Mapper: contains additional tools to work with data transferring to/from XBRL
  • Database: contains additional tools to work with databases and store instances/taxonomies into relational databases

Language code

Starting from version 2.8.5, there are installers in English and Spanish. The installer is differentiated adding the language code to the installer file. The installer codes are:

  • es for Spanish
  • en for English

Version number

The version number are just tree digits separated by dots. X.Y.Z

The official version is the one publicly available in the downloads page

We also publish the latest development version that should be available by adding one to the Z number.

The architecture

The architecture is either x64 for 64 bit and x86 for the old 32 bit operating systems.


If, for example, the current version is 2.8.5, then the following files exists and can be downloaded for en English version:

  • RS_XBRL_Setup_en-2.8.5-x64.msi
  • RS_XBRL_Setup_en-2.8.5-x86.msi
  • RS_XBRL_Database_en-2.8.5-x64.msi
  • RS_XBRL_Database_en-2.8.5-x86.msi
  • RS_XBRL_Mapper_en-2.8.5-x64.msi
  • RS_XBRL_Mapper_en-2.8.5-x86.msi

Out of simply package names

There are two additional files we prepare for each version.

  • The unix installer RS-XBRLProcessor-VX.Y.Z-UNIX.zip. Is a ZIP file. If you are familiar with development environment you can download this tools set and use the libraries folder directly on any other architectures.
  • The .NET libraries RS_XBRL_API_in_DotNET_2.8.5.zip. Is also a ZIP file that contains the latest versions of the .NET DLLs

The server URL

We publish the installers on two different servers:

  • http://www.reportingstandard.org/{installerpackagename}
  • http://www.reportingstandard.net/{installerpackagename}

Normally, the server at .org should be faster than the server at .net this is because .org is hosted at AWS using cloudfront but at the cost of delaying updates by 8 hours. The server at .net has no delay in the publication of files but is hosted in Europe at 1and1


Send us feedback about this information to: Support at ReportingStandard dot com