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3 ways to obtain a license

The first time the software is installed and executed a dialog box will pop up requesting to let the user:

  • provide a license file that will be permanently installed. The license will allow the user to use any software version under the terms of the license contract. This includes updates for a period of time that can be extended for a small annual fee.
  • let the user purchase an special short term production license (valid for 7 days) for a small fee (the amount is different by country due to applicable taxes). The license will be paid using paypal services and will be issued and delivered automatically. Users are free to request short term production licenses if they want to use Reporting Standard XBRL tools to test validity of XBRL files produced by other software vendor tools or to test conformance of a taxonomy or to evaluate purchasing a permanent license.
  • request an evaluation license at no fee. This is a manual process that may require between some hours to some days. We have a strict policy about issuing free evaluation licenses. For example, we issue free evaluation licenses to regulators using XBRL and evaluating our products to become part of the institution XBRL tools set.

If you have some doubts about which one of the 3 previous possibilities applies to you, the most probable answers is the second one (short term evaluation license)

In order to complete the process. Depending on the selected option, you can enter the information in the next dialog and continue with the process


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