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The XBRLPlugInProcessor interface wiki page

This interface describes the methods that are available in a validation engine.

Visit the XBRLPlugInProcessor API page for technical details

All existing validation engines implements this interface. The implementation of the interface requires the class to add code to the validate() and validate(XBRLDocument document) method. That code must return an instance of a new XBRLValidationReport containing the details of the validation process including new inconsistencies and errors detected.

There is a super interface of this interface called XBRLCompilableProcessor that adds up two methods to the XBRLPlugInProcessor. They are used when the validator requires to pre-process resources in XBRL linkbases in order to create internal structures that will be used during the validation phase. This is the case of the Formula Processor, Table processor and other that perform static validation of resources in the taxonomy and pre-compile XPath expressions to perform accelerated validation.


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