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[XBRL Instance viewer product page]


XBRLview is a simple tool to access to the content of an XBRL report and metadata in the related XBRL taxonomies.

XBRL reports are pure XML files and, despite XML files are text files, it is difficult (or impossible) trying to understand an XML report if you just look at it using XML related tools.

Even more, The best thing about XBRL is how the technology is able to link the report content with the meta-data that can be found in the taxonomy. This metadata mainly consist on relationships with other concepts (presentacion, calculation, etc) or labels in different languages or references to normative documentation.

XBRLview allows you represent the content of an XBRL report using the metadata available in the taxonomy. That is, the information in the presentation linkbases in order to structure the report content. The information on the fact context, in order to classify the relative dependency of a fact inside another fact. The content model of the Tuples in order to represent what is there, the labels and the user preferences regarding the languages he understand etc.

XBRL technology was not designed as a replacement of PDF or web pages. The idea behind XBRL is to exchange data not to define an alternative format to represent data. For this reason you may find difficulties comparing a nice rendered PDF document with an XBRL report. The differene is in the usability of the information transmitted. In a PDF report the information is usable for humans who either print it or read it with his eyes. The usability of an XBRL report is computer oriented (see how XBRL reports can be stored in an XBRL Database in order to facilitate data research [The XBRL Explorer] as an example.