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Reporting Standard maintains a local Catalog of XBRL Taxonomies located on the Internet on official locations. Taxonomy and Linkbase files published in Official locations should not change and should be compatible with other existing official schemas from the XBRL Consortium and other taxonomies commonly used.

The Taxonomy Catalog serves to accelerate loading files that refers to other files published on the Internet without having to read the files from the Internet every time.

Some taxonomies in the the taxonomy Catalog also has a wizard that allows our users to select the taxonomy content wihout having to worry about the official locations of the taxonomy files.

Please contact Reporting Standard if you want your taxonomy to be incorporated into the XBRL Taxonomy Catalog. Our product updates incorporates new releases of the taxonomy catalog with changes to the schemas and new taxonomies published.


On this dialog there is a list of taxonomies from which the user can select files. At the bottom of the page there are 3 buttons:

  • Cancel: Cancel current open operation and goes back to previous dialog
  • Select files...: Open the Windows Explorer and allows the user to select files starting at the directory where the official files are located.
  • Use Wizard...: Allows for selecting the taxonomy content using a high level (business) approach similar to the IFRS (ITMM). Note this is only available on some taxonomies.


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