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The XBRL Catalog is an optional subsystem of Reporting Standard XBRL reporting platform, used by the XBRL API in order to boost the loading of XBRL reports and taxonomies.

How it works

It consists of a copy of files that are publicly available over the Internet and configuration files that maintains the real official file location and the relative location on disk. At the level of the XBRL API only official URLs are always used. The XBRL Catalog subsystem is responsible of providing the byte stream that corresponds to the official URL regardless the byte stream comes from a file on the hard drive or a field in a database.

Related tools

The XBRL Catalog Manager allows users to maintain the XBRL Catalog using files on a hard drive.

The XBRL Catalog Manager also provides functionality to unzip the content of a zip file and create a new entry on the XBRL catalog with minimal input from the user.


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