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Reporting Standadrd XBRL WIKI.

This WIKI web site is organized in the following sections:




Other optional installation steps

Useful links and frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. Where is the license file stored and how can I backup it?
  2. The XBRL Taxonomy Catalog
  3. invalid encoding for signature
  4. invalid encoding for signature (Español)
  5. This license will not work on this computer
  6. Esta licencia no funcionará en este computador
  7. Adding taxonomies to the ZIP Catalog
  8. Walkthrough downloading Reporting Standard XBRL tools set
  9. Walkthrough requesting evaluation license
  10. Walkthrough load and store XBRL taxonomies
  11. Detailed explanation about Excel mapping process from XBRLizer
  12. Vídeos respecto a la instalación y funcionamiento de las herramientas de licenciamiento XBRL para la Superintendencia de Sociedades de Colombia

Other unrelated