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Contributions to XBRL

Our contributions to the XBRL standard

Since its foundation, in Reporting Estándar there have been many contributions to the XBRL; as well as active collaboration with the XBRL International Consortium. We are very proud of our contributions to XBRL. In Reporting Estándar we believe that being involved in the development of the XBRL standard is our way of thanking and contributing to the XBRL community.

During 2005 and 2006 Ignacio Hernández-Ros, (Head of the XBRL business area at Software AG, at the time, at international level) was hired by XBRL International Consortiumto carry on with the XBRL standard 2.1. development. Its objective was to complete those areas where the XBRL standard was not sufficient for new users (Financial Markets Regulators such as the CNMVwith the CESRand the Bank of Spainwith the CEBS).

These new users needed new features not developed in the first XBRL standard. Ignacio Hernández-Ros left Software AG and founded Reporting Estándar in 2005. He signed a contract with the XBRL International Consortium for the technical development of the XBRL standard.

Reporting Estándar

Dimensions Specification 1.0

As a result of this contract, contributions have been multiple. The Dimensions Specification 1.0 in the XBRL industry stands out.

Recommended by the XBRL International Consortium, it allows defining complex OLAP models in XBRL format. Thus, cubes generated by any multidimensional database software can be exchanged in XBRL format. He also participated in the following Taxonomies.

XBRL Infoset Specification

Currently in the phase of internal review by the working group of Infoset. The XBRL infoset specification forms the basis on which the XBRL standard has been developed. Contemplates the content of a DTS (Discoverable Taxonomy Set) from the point of view of the content that you want to model in XBRL, regardless of the XML syntax used. That is, it is the basis for carrying out integration projects that use XBRL.

The API created by Reporting Estándar allows to access all the properties of all the defined elements in a simple way.

Formules Specification XQuery 1.0

Right now, it is a working document of the development group of the formula standard in XBRL.

Even so, it is already implemented as an additional module of the XBRL API of Reporting Estándar to create formulas in XQuery 1.0 language to automatically validate the content of XBRL reports.

XBRL Versioning Specification

This contribution in the XBRL versioning Specification will allow to document the changes made between two versions of a DTS XBRL (Taxonomy). With this, applications can adapt to changes in reporting requirements quickly. To solve this, from Reporting Estándar we have developed an application to help projects in the generation of such reports.