Contribuciones de Reporting Standard al XBRL

Reporting Standard Contribuciones al XBRL

Since its foundation, in Reporting Standard there have been many contributions to the XBRL; as well as active collaboration with the XBRL International Consortium. We are very proud of our contributions to XBRL. In Reporting Standard we believe that being involved in the development of the XBRL standard is our way of thanking and contributing to the XBRL community.

During 2005 and 2006 Ignacio Hernández-Ros, (then Business XBRL area Headquarter in Software AG internacionally) was hired by XBRL International Consortium to carry on with the XBRL standard 2.1 development. Its objective was to complete those areas where the XBRL standard was not sufficient for new users (Financial Markets Regulators such as the CNMV with the CESR and the Bank of Spain with the CEBS).

These new users needed new features not developed in the first XBRL standard. Ignacio Hernández-Ros left Software AG and founded Reporting Standard in 2005. He signed a contract with the XBRL International Consortium for the technical development of the XBRL standard.