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XBRL Editor – XBRLizer+

With the same XBRL Viewer interface, our XBRL Editor adds creation and edition functionalities for the XBRL reports, as well as XBRL elements analysis (concept list, linkbases, taxonomy architecture, analysis board, etc.).

The XBRL Editor – XBRLizer works like a Spreadsheet in which, clicking on a cell, elements are automatically presented (company, reporting period, dimension, measure or currency unit). All these data can be modified later and, if they are not detected automatically, they are asked by the tool.

New update, our XBRL Editor 3.3.1, that includes XBRLizer improvements, is now available. These optimizations have focused on two points:

  • Better EBA Taxonomy Integration.
  • Inhance of the formula preconditions treatment.

Better EBA Taxonomy Integration.

This XBRL Editor – XBRLizer update, involves a new EBA processor to adapt the Europe Banking Authority Taxonomy in our software. This, allows the taxonomy functionalities integration in the XBRLizer creating reports proccess, and the EBA reports export and import from XBRL to Excel.

Inhance of the formula preconditions treatment.

With this improvement, we have reduced formulas evaluation time by 13%; it supposes greater rapidity in previous conditions for the formulas acceptance.

In adition, the XBRL Editor – XBRLizer will allow to visualize, in the same tool, all of the reports concepts details; that is:

  • Different text labels associated to each concept.
  • Presentation structures, parent elements and child elements.
  • Calculation structures, dependent elements and which it contributes to.

The XBRL Editor – XBRLizer shares features with the XBRL Viewer:

  • Change theinterface:
    • Traditional mode: using presentation linkbase on the left and dates as columns.
    • Multidimensional mode: user will choose what to place in table columns.
  • Multifunctionalities:
    • Language: User will choose language and text labels.
    • Company: User will be able to decide which data and which company want to visualize.
    • Content: User can decide what form want to see.

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Main XBRL Editor – XBRLizer+ functionalities:

  • Recognition of iXBRL- XBRL-Excel files (through mapping file).
  • Taxonomy catalog according to client needs.
    – Rapid XBRL reports loading.
    – Simple access to taxonomy content to the final user.
  • DTS Change modifies main taxonomy forms.
  • New XBRL Report creates a report for the loaded taxonomy by entering the data manually.
  • Add XBRL fact to the report unifies an XBRL report with the currently open.
  • Save and Save as… execute XBRL 2.1 validation and save the report in the hard disk.
  • Print generates printed views for the current content at the screen.
  • Generate Ilustrated Taxonomy provides an Excel format complete report of the Taxonomy elements.
  • Export generates an Excel sheet, HTML or iXBRL with the current view content or all the availables views.
  • Save as a mapping template saves current XBRL report as a XBRL report template to be used.

Other XBRLizer features:

  • Visualize with icons the temporal space for the elements reported.
  • Create tuples or substitution group elements of other abstract elements.
  • Add drop-down boxes showing more information when movith the mouse over the data.
  • Edit the contexts on the element´s temporal space icon.
  • Visualize all element dimensions and the values for the dimensions that appear in the report.

XBRLizer+ installs an Excel Plug-in to perform XBRL mapping to Excel automatizing XBRL generation reports.

The Plug-In is capable to:

  • Read templates generated by XBRLizer and, using Drag & Drop, define data cells for the definitive XBRL report.
  • Change decimal accurance just with a click.
  • Edit units clicking on them.

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