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iXBRL — Papirix

Security and expertise in iXBRL reporting

As a result of more than 15 years of software development, Reporting Estándar has created PAPIRIX, the web platform for the generation and presentation of ESEF reports.
Papirix is the ESEF reporting solution and offers the power of web-based collaboration for ESMA/ESEF and any other XBRL 2.1 taxonomy report.

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Multi-user collaborative tool

Papirix is an intuitive and user-friendly iXBRL editing tool, with the possibility for different people within the team to work simultaneously.

Direct data auto-tagging

Papirix automatically finds, points out and describes what each piece of information is within the report for its better understanding. Easily create and anchor extensions.

Automatic report validation

Papirix directly certifies each data entered so that it complies with the rules defined by the Taxonomy used and with ESEF Conformance Suite if it’s the case.

Mapping from Excel template

Through an intuitive and effective template in Excel, exclusive from Reporting Estándar, the tool imports the data facilitating the process of editing the XBRL report.

Why do you need Papirix?

Proficiency in iXBRL technology

We have one of the best iXBRL tagging software

Assured Filing

Create reports using a fully visual, collaborative and secure interface.

Easy to use software

Papirix supports the import of HTML, XBRL and iXBRL files, which means that it is able to create iXBRL files from information published on the web.

Industry Recognition

More than 30,000 users in the XBRL market endorse us as a trusted software provider certified by XBRL International.

Works well with all authorities

Highly Secure and Reliable Software

Papirix is based on a secure infrastructure that ensures that your contracts are protected while being transferred, stored and processed. We also enforce a comprehensive set of policies that proactively mitigate risks and build a culture of security at Papirix.
Papirix is SOC 2, Type II compliant. We take security seriously.

Discover how to increase your productivite and decrease reporting errors in your XBRL reports with Papirix.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us: