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XBRL Software Tools

Tools for the visualization and edition of XBRL/iXBRL Reports:

Our XBRL Viewer is a simple and intuitive desktop tool designed especially for the business user to easily review the details of an XBRL report.

Tools for Development and Integration on systems for the generation and validation of XBRL/iXBRL reports:

The XBRL Data Mapper is a software that allows to transform data from XBRL to any format and vice versa.

Taxonomy Generation

The XBRL Taxonomy Builder is a simple tool that will allow you to create an XBRL 2.1 taxonomy using Excel.

Other tools

The versioning report editor, is designed to solve any problems arising from changes to a taxonomy. This software, marketed by Reporting Estándar, compares two taxonomies and generates a report with the differences between them.