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Reporting Standard – XBRL Solutions

In simple terms, XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) is a supply chain standard for moving business reporting information in an interactive format. It requires the whole financial and business reporting supply chain to come together and adopt a single standard way of representing the business reporting data. Consistency is the key increasing the value of the data that has been converted to this common platform.

Liv Watson – XBRL As a Supply Chain Standard

Within the supply chain, each user profile has different needs. For each user and for each need, Reporting Standard has a XBRL solution.

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Some of our projects

Consultancy to design the structure and elaborate XBRL taxonomy for the report of Chilean companies-

Service rating: Excellent

Superintendency of Securities and Insurance, Chile 2007-2008

Extension of the IFRS 2010 Taxonomy for the Superintendency of Securities and Insurance of Chile

Qualification of the service: The advice for the development of the extension was made in a professional manner and on time, following the highest quality standards.

Superintendency of Securities and Insurance, Chile 2010

Consultancy for the development e implementation of an XBRL taxonomy in SBS

Service rating: Excellent

Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFPs, Perú 2011-2012