Reporting Standard – XBRL Taxonomy Builder

XBRL Taxonomy Builder is a simple tool that will allow to create and XBRL 2.1 using Excel.

This tool is divided in two parts:

  1. Taxonomy content.
    1. Made of:
      1. Elements dictionary, relationship between them and the resources that add information to the elements (labels and references).
    2. All this information is stored in understandble Excel sheets for the user level.
  2. DTS (Discoverable Taxonomy Set) creation language:
    1. XBRL Taxonomy structure files specification.
      1. This language allows:
        1. Specify in which part of the Excel sheet the content is found to make a presentation, label or calculation linkbase.
        2. Organizate different modules that will make up the Taxonomy.

With XBRL tool to build Taxonomies from Reporting Standard it is possible to:

  • Reestructure the Taxonomy completely without changing its content
  • Design multiple modular sstructures for the same Taxonomy.
Software XBRL

XBRL Taxonomy Builder

  • Accelerates XBRL Taxonomy creation process by eliminating entry barriers.
  • Just using Excel, user can built high quality Taxonomies.
  • Taxonomy content revision can be done by third parties who do not have to know about XBRL.

Taxonomy builder is an external to Excel tool that interprets DTS language creation and generates a Taxonomy.

This Builder has been used successfully to create XBRL Taxonomy of the Security and Insurance Superintendency from Chile. Taxonomy created by SVS is a IFRS 2006 extension that updates it tocomply with IFRS 2007 Bound Volume.

In addition of this, Reporting Standard has its own tools to garatize the correct use of this XBRL software. We have more than ten years of experience creating, developing and fixing XBRL software tools. So, in order to that, we make our experience available for the use and queries of our customers. All our efforts are focused on satisfize them.