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Reporting Estándar – XBRL Services

In Reporting Estándar we are experts in XBRL services.

We give all our experience at your disposal by providing creation y training services related to the XBRL standard.

XBRL Templates

Starting from an Excel spreadsheet, Reporting Estándar facilitates the service of elaboration of XBRL templates to its clients in a simple way:

We provide two files:

  • Excel template to be filled in by the client.
  • XBRLT mapping file.

Through our XBRLizer+, tool, your company will be able to transform Excel data into a XBRL report. This process will be carried out using the Reporting Estándar´s Data Map File which can be done as many times as necessary. Once completed, the template will be validated and sent to the Supervisor for acceptance.

In the same way, this conversion can be done in the reverse direction; transforming XBRL reports into Excel sheets.

XBRL Taxonomies

In Reporting Estándar we offer the XBRLTaxonomies adapted to the client needs. Taxonomy will be done using our XBRL Taxonomy Builder tool.

This tool accelerates the Taxonomy creation, because it allows both XBRL technicaland financial profiles collaborate in their development based on common Excel knowledge.

First of all, we will create the information model and elaborate user guides. This model is the basis for the development of the Taxonomy. It will be useful for financial, technical and business areas to communicate, insert comments, introduce changes and maintain a consistency.

Once finalized, we will develop the module environment of the Taxonomy, its files and the first draft for it.

This data model will be converted to a valid XBRL Taxonomy 2.1 according to the specifications approved by XBRL International Consortium.

The development of the data model, the environment and the Taxonomy is an interactive process that will allow the elaboration of future reports and reverse engineering (that is, the correction or extension of Taxonomy data already developed).

Report Generation

This service consists of transforming data to an XBRL file.. For this, in Reporting Estándarwe use ourXBRLizer+. This tool allows to elaborate XBRL files manually or automatically.

Through templates, we create XBRL reports mapping data from an external source.

In addition to Excel, XBRLizer+ supports creating XBRL reports from another source: Databases, flat files, CSV or other XBRL reports (adapting the auxiliary file or driver to the source from which the data originates).

It allows the manual reports preparation, directlyincluding financial information for subsequent validation.

Once XBRL report is generated, our XBRLizer+ tool validates the information to be reported detecting errors or inconsistences in order to correct before being sent to the Supervisor.

XBRL Training Courses

To initiate and deepen the use and management of the XBRL tools created by Reporting Estándar, we offer training courses adapted to the client´s training needs:


  • Introduction to the XBRL.
  • Download and installation of XBRL tools.
  • Description of the interface (options. menus, panels).
  • Taxonomy load
  • Creation and edition of reports.
  • Validations.
  • Catalog of Taxonomies.
  • XBRL analysis – Work tabs.
  • Provision (adequacy of the visualization and management of the panel view of the report).
  • Export to Excel.
  • Preparation of mapping templates.


  • Tehcnical aspects of the mapping (driver template files and data sources).
  • Excel plug-in interface.
  • Mapping techniques (multiple dragging, self-grouping, etc.)
  • Creation of a check sheet (enrichment of the Excel sheet with information not generated automatically).