Reporting Standard – XBRL In/Out Data Mapper

XBRL Data Mapper is a software that allows to transform data in two exact directions:

  • Generator: Any format to XBRL. Access files and generate an XBRL report.
  • Interpreter: XBRL to any format. Read XBRL reports and transform them to the chosen file.

XBRL Data Mapper – Generator and Interpreter.

They work through XML configuration files, which allow the components to adapt to any situation and reduce project time completion.


  • Phase I: XBRL report template to be filled.
    • Each element contain context information to apply.
    • It can be configured independently, simultaneously and from different sources.
    • It allows XBRL tuples use, and documents the times that the elements are repeated in them.
  • Phase II: Data obtainer Driver dialogue, with its own configuration file.


  • Phase I: Filter definition. Independents of device or final format.
  • Phase II: Each Driver will respond to the loading events and data will be stored in final destination.

Drivers – Types

    • Generator: Excel, web forms, Relational Databases and files separated by CSV comas.

XBRL Exporter - Architecture diagram of Reporting Standard XBRL Exporter tool. It shows how this tool creates a XBRL report from Excel, DB, etc.

    • Interpreter: Excel and Relational Databases.

XBRL Importer- Architecture diagram of Reporting Standard XBRL Importer tool. It shows how this tool transform a XBRL report into Excel, DB, etc.

In addition, new drivers can be developed. Dialogue between processor and driver is already defined and is the same for each driver.

XBRL Data Mapper – Features and changes

  • Taxonomy change response. When a Taxonomy changes, XBRL Data Mapper adjust configuration files and produce a report with changes ocured in each area.
  • Simplicity: First of all, you no need to be an XBRL expert.
  • Speed: 200 elements template will be adapted in around two exact months and with 2 profesional in charge of the project.