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Integration API XBRL/iXBRL

Definition of API:

Application Programming Interfaces; is “a formal specification on how a software module communicates or interacts with another”.
– Benjy Weinberger

Some customers want to add XBRL functionality to their applications. Others serve XBRL document generation and analysis requests on a server. In response to these needs, Reporting Estándar has developed its own XBRL Integration API.

Our XBRL Integration API is the simplest, fastest and most economical way to incorporate XBRL functionality into your products. Through the use of an API the entire complexity of XBRL is encapsulated to offer an intuitive interface that interacts with the information of a DTS (Discoverable Taxonomy Set). Common in the development of every computer software.

Using the XBRL API of Reporting Standard will allow you to use XBRL with full power using a simple object model that accesses all the objects and properties defined in the XBRL Infoset (this specification was developed by Reporting Estándar).

Characteristics of our API

This API is available in both JAVA and .NET

1) Using DTSContainer  and  load methods, you can load all DTS contents from XBRL reports, linkbase or whatever Taxonomy.

2) Once DTS is loaded, XBRL validation can be performed through the use of XBRLCoreProcessor  or dimensions validation using DTProcessor. Both objects return XBRLValidationReport  which contains both validation exceptions and calculation inconsistencies found according calculation linkbase contents.

3) The API is available as a set of .jar (Java) files in executable code.
– Request an evaluation license.
– In special situations and only under certain conditions, Reporting Standard can provide API source code. Contact us if you require more information.

Reporting Standard provides their customers with a legal service coverage for intellectual property.

Get information about the Reporting Estándar API legal coverage:

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