Reporting Estándar makes available the first standalone tool designed to aid business users, rather than technical users, to visualize the content of an XBRL instance document.

The XBRL file viewer tool is an easy-to-use standalone application that permits reviewing, in detail, an XBRL instance document.

XBRL Instance Document Viewer

The screen capture above shows the content of a test balance sheet

The XBRL Report Viewer allows users the following additional functionalities:

  • Switch from a regular view mode, using presentation link base to the left and dates as columns, and the multidimensional mode where users can select what columns in the table will be shown.
    Vision plana o multi dimensional
  • Multilingual: Users can select their language preference. Text labels will be shown following that selection
  • Multi company: If the XBRL report contains information for more than one company, users can select which data will be shown.
    Selección de empresa
  • Multi content: If the XBRL report contains information for more than one report, users can select which report will be shown. Data can be shared across several forms.
    Vista de formulario
  • The viewer shows the numbers, along with the units, precision and decimals information all together as indicated in the report.
    Vista de unidades
  • Shows, using icons, if the data represents beginning or end of a period, duration, an instant in time, or undetermined periods.
    Ordena los datos a comienzo del ejercicio y fin de ejercicio
  • Allows users to see fields with extended texts, and also in HTML used by the USA-GAAP and the IFRS 2010.
    Visualiza textos largos
  • Allows viewing all dimensions of an element, and the values associated to the dimensions in the report