Reporting Standard – License policy.

We appreciate the trust placed in Reporting Standard to solve your XBRL needs.

Once Reporting Standard XBRL tools has been downloaded (you may download any of our XBRL software tools here ); here are the steps to follow if you do not have an activation key:

When you open any of our tools, a”License manager” will appear on your screen. Click “Request” to begin the process.

Licenses – Types

Reporting Standard licensing policy defines the following kinds of licenses:

License request Reporting Standard XBRL

License request Reporting Standard XBRL

  1. Production license:
    1. Obtain 7 days.
      1. Allowing the use of all XBRL tools for 7 days.
      2. Price: 69.95 EUR.
        1. If next to months, you will buy a full production license, this price will be descounted from the total.
    2. Request:
      1. If you have already request a production license; please, fill the gaps to get your license number.
      2. If, on the other hand, you have not request a license yet, just filling the gaps we will receive an email with your data an we will contact you.
  2. Evaluation license:
    1. Only an evaluation license will be issued to some organizations that promote the XBRL use, after prior acceptance by Reporting Standard Commercial Department.
      1. These evaluation licenses will be analyze on a case-by-case basis and will be answered positively or negatively.
        1. In case of being rejected; plaease, contact our Commercial Department at to request a license.

Licenses – Tools

Depending on your XBRL needs you will need one type of tool or another. Every tool has different uses and utilities over time; so, please, contact our Commercial Department to request more information:


  • Reporting Standard does not issue two evaluation licenses to the same organization.
    • Our system detects duplicate requests by the company name and email addres domain.
  • We already know this system is not perfect; so, please, contact us by mail if you have any suggestion, or you wish to apply for a licence.