XBRL around the world

XBRL International; the Consortium of the XBRL standard in the world; has published an exhaustive list of the countries which are using XBRL currently.

Digitization of each part of our lifes is quickly growing. The financial reporting according the XBRL is in the same way; so they have listed every single XBRL project. Is important to realize that every individual project represents at least hundreds, in most cases thousands or tens of thousands companies that provide a digital version of their business reports in a structured form. For numerous regulators, it may even represent millions of companies.

The Consortium has published an interactive directory of all of these XBRL projects that are currently conducted around the world. In their own words, “the standard has been adopted in six continents (Antarctica anyone?) with new projects being implemented constantly. Projects benefit from freely licensed XBRL specifications that give regulators and other implementers freedom to control data definitions, offering better data quality, improved data management and greatly expanded analytics”.

The interactive directory contains direct links to underlying legislation, announcements or regulation for the majority of projects listed. XBRL members will shortly also have useful links to supporting resources such as taxonomies, technical documentation and filing instructions for the majority of these projects. The directory is published both as an interactive map and as a list. This directory will be updated regularly.

Here you can find the whole information and the interactive directory

XBRL Around the World