XBRL Certified Software™ is software that has been inspected by XBRL International for conformance with the XBRL specifications. The certification programme exists to ensure interoperability between XBRL software products, ensuring that XBRL reports created in one piece of software can be consumed successfully in another and that those reports will be consumed the same way by other pieces of XBRL Certified Software™.

Certification is currently provided for two different types of software: Report Consumption Software and Report Creation Software.

Report Consumption Software is software that is designed to validate, process or otherwise consume XBRL or Inline XBRL reports. Certification checks that such software correctly validates reports according to the specification. Report Consumption Software is tested using the conformance suites that accompany the XBRL specifications.

Report Creation Software is software that is used to prepare XBRL or iXBRL reports. In order to obtain certification, such software is required to validate any created reports using certified Report Consumption Software.

XBRL is a modular specification, and both types of software can gain certification in one or more modules. The modules currently available are:

  • Core (XBRL 2.1)
  • Inline XBRL v1.1
  • Table Linkbase v1.0
  • Extensible Enumerations v1.0
  • Formula v1.0
  • Units Registry v1.0

Currently, Reporting Estándar is one of the few companies, together with Fujitsu and CoreFiling, which has obtained certification in both Report Consumption Software and Report Creation Software  for all existing modules in the certification.