XBRL Congress in Rome – Reporting Standard

Staged by XBRL Europe; the Winter Session for the XBRL community, will take place in Rome on February the 7 and 8th.

The XBRL Congress will carry out in the Headquarters of the Unioncamere (Pizza Sallustio, 21); and will be hosted from XBRL Italy, Marco Conte and Eugenio Virguti.

On this occasion, we will have the opportunity to attend and participate in working groups and task force sessions prepared by XBRL Europe:

  • Banking assurance.
  • ESEF digital financial.
  • Standard business reporting; and so on …

… And Reporting Standard have the pleasure to inform that will be in Rome to assist to XBRL Congress.

Here is the whole information of the XBRL Congress. From Reporting Standard, we will keeping our eye on it to post any news about the event.

See you there.


XBRL Congress in Rome