We are pleased to announce that another iteration is completed in our development cycle, so we are releasing the new 3.0.6 version of our tools.

This new version brings a lot of changes, fixes and improvements that have been implemented over the last few months, including:

  • Multi-thread handling in the database storing process
  • Improved libraries to provide faster and more reliable tools.
  • Changes in the interface and new features, such as Search Tools, linkbase navigation from the concepts within the forms, or the capability to export several kinds of relationships in the illustrated taxonomy.
  • Catalog updates
  • Optimized export and mapping processes
  • New instructions for creating taxonomies
  • Bugs fixed
  • •.. and much more.

As always, many of these changes have been implemented in response to requests from users who rely on our software and cooperate with us by bringing their concerns, requests and suggestions. We hope this new version meets their expectations and encourage them to keep on working with us in the development of higher quality products.

You can view the details of this new version from the Download Section and also access the installation files.