After several months of intense work, and always with the aim of providing the best user experience, we are pleased to announce that version 3.0 of our tools is released.

This time we have decided to close the version 2.x and opened a new cycle with version 3.x, due to the important changes that have been made.

As highlights of this new version we must consider the internal changes that have taken place in the core libraries, among which must put the spot in the code refactoring for the use of Saxonica nodes, which allowed performance improvements by eliminating redundant information.

Furthermore, we have introduced new features of use that have resulted in significant changes to the interface, as the new notification bar or the new options available when creating  Excel templates.

As always, many of these changes have been implemented in response to requests from users who rely on our software and cooperate with us by bringing their concerns, requests and suggestions. We hope this new version meets their expectations and encourage them to keep on working with us in the development of higher quality products.

You can view the details of this new version from the Download Section and also access the installation files.