XBRL Congress in Rome – Reporting Standard

Staged by XBRL Europe; the Winter Session for the XBRL community, will take place in Rome on February next Thrusday 7th and Friday 8th.

As we were talking about, XBRL Congress in Rome will carry out in the Headquarters of the Unioncamere (Pizza Sallustio, 21); and will be hosted from XBRL Italy, Marco Conte and Eugenio Virguti.

There will be many working groups and task force sessions prepared by XBRL Europemainly focused on:

  • Banking assurance.
  • ESEF digital financial.
  • Standard business reporting; and so on …

We, from Reporting Standard will be at Rome from the Thrusday morning trying to learn as much as possible on these sessions. It is a pleasure for us to assist to this XBRL Congress.

Here is the whole information of the XBRL Congress in Rome, anyway; just paste the program details:


7th February XBRL Congress in Rome

  • 7th February – 14:00 – SBR (Standard Business Reporting) Working Group meeting – Unioncamere – Auditorium – coordinated by Frans Hietbrink XBRL NL. 

4 proposed subjects for discussion regarding a cross-domain approach to the exchange of data:

  • developing an ecosystem of taxonomies;
  • implementation of Assurance and Audit Report regarding digital data;
  • importance of international architectures;
  • role of Audit Files regarding transactional data.  


  • 7th February – 14:00 – ESG Forum (Environnemental Social and Governemental Reporting forume) – Unioncamere – Room 2 – coordinated by Bas Groenveld (XBRL NL)


– Highlight of the current status of ESG reporting and the role of XBRL

– Future of XBRL in ESG reporting

– Call for participation (government, financial institutions, NGOs, software vendors, service providers, etc.)


  • 7th February – 16h:30 – BPTF ESEF (Best Practice Task Force – European Single Electronic Format) – Feedback on the ESEF reporting manual and proposals for additional guidance – Unioncamere – Auditorium – coordinated by Pierre Hamon (XBRL France) ; Roger Haddad (XBRL France, XBRL Europe, UBPartner)Subjects:– What exactly should be tagged– Labels– Dimensions _____________________________________________________________________________

8th February XBRL Congress in Rome

  • 8th February – 14h00 – BANK INSURANCE Working Group – Unioncamere – Auditorium – coordinated by Vincent Le Moal Joubel  (XBRL France, Banque de France) et Thomas Verdin (XBRL UK, XBRL Europe, TESH Advice)


– Introduction and update (EBA EIOPA ECB SBR Taxonomy Updates)

– Discussion on Validation Changes (how to formalize, how to follow

– Discussion Banks statements taxonomies (based on SBR banking


  • 8th February – 14h:00 – BPTF ESEF Technical (Best Practice Task Force – European Single Electronic Format) – Review of ESEF validation rules and need for additional rules
    Transformations for ESMA country dates, in-country reviewers – Unioncamere – Room 1 – coordinated by David Bell (XBRL France, XBRL Europe, UBPartner et Herm Fisher


  • 8th February – 15h:45 – BPTF – Calc 2 & OIM – Calculation 2 (balance-changes, dimensionsal aggregation and inference)
    Open Information Model (xBRL-JSON) – Unioncamere – ROOM 1 – coordinated by David Bell (XBRL France, XBRL Europe, UBPartner) Herm Fisher, Mark Goodhand, XBRL UK and Paul Warren (XBRL International

See you there.

XBRL Congress Rome - Europe day