More than 70% of Reporting Standard business activity is committed to R&DResearch and Development in connection to XBRL standard.

Our contributions to the XBRL standard knowledge.

As a result of this research, specifications that complement the range of possibilities of the XBRL standard were produced. For example:

Reporting Standard – XBRL R&D Contributions

XBRL Infoset

The production of the XBRL Infoset documentation let us to having some advantages in upmarket software development with reference to using the standard.


Reporting Standard XBRL Integration API is, undoubtedly, the most complete in market; as borne out by the ease with which  you can build other products; for example XBRL Database or XBRL Viewer.

Another knowledge sources:


Reporting Standard is exploring the uses of the XFORMS standard in connection to the XBRL.

Accordingly, we are in contact with IBM (Canada) and SATEC (Spain). Such companies are leading members of the XFORMS W3C working group. XFORMS and XBRL can mix into each other so that regulators or companies can, not only spread and XBRL Taxonomy with defined concepts, but, indeed, can publish, within the Taxonomy, the official forms whom collect the information. Terminals with XFORMS processing capacity can directly represent forms and generate XBRL reports transparently to the user.


Reporting Standard has developed XBRL validation module based on W3C XQUERY standard.

XQUERY provides an extensible language in functions that can be applied to the XBRL validation as well as a syntax based on XPath 2.0 that allows a substantial improvement over the “old” XPath 1.0 with reference to the processing of the XML data types.